You need a lot of equipment when it comes to jumping on those slopes and shredding down the mountain. A warm jacket, well-fitting ski boots and skies, the whole nine yards. That’s great news if you’re looking to buy a gift for an avid skier. You have so much to choose from, which is why we’re going to go through some of the best gifts you could give to a skier this year.

Lenz Heated Socks

It’s important to keep every part of your body warm and comfortable if you want to spend most of your day speeding down without too many breaks. The feet are typically one of the first body parts to get cold, and wearing bulky ski socks can make your feet feel immobile and claustrophobic. That why you should buy the avid skier in your life a pair of Lenz Heated Socks! They are equipped with a build in heating element that wraps around your toes while offering overall foot support. You can’t go wrong with a pair of warm and cozy socks.

Phantom 2.0 Permanent Waxless Glide

A skier needs to keep their equipment properly maintained at all times for the best skiing experience. As the skies themselves are the most important piece in the bunch, you need to keep them properly sharpened and waxed. You could go to a professional to get the job done, or you can do it yourself and make it last a lifetime! Pick up a package of Phantom 2.0 Permanent Waxless Glide and your skiing pal will never have to spend time waxing their skies again. This is a high-performance waxless coating that won’t wear off no matter how many times they hit the slopes.

Oakley Goggle Lineminer XM

Skiing without goggles can get dangerous depending on where you are and the weather conditions. Prevent your skier from risking their life by closing their eyes for a split second by gifting them a pair of Oakley Goggle Lineminer XM in their favourite colour. Not only do these protect against glare and sun damage to the eyes, but the Oakley Goggle Lineminer’s use advanced lens optics that control lighting transmissions and enhance overall visibility.

Atomic Helmet Count Amid

Keeping safety in mind, consider pairing those Oakley Goggles with an Atomic Helmet Count Amid. With a glove-like fit and excellent sun protection, you and your ski pals will be able to wear this helmet all day long with maximum comfort. The Atomic Helmet also comes with a 360-degree adjustment system to customize the fit even more! Made of shock absorbent materials with almost a 40% higher protection rate than what industry safety standards recommend, what skier wouldn’t drool over a gift like this?

Thermal Wear

No one has a good time on the slopes while they are freezing to death. It’s also pretty restricting to wrap yourself if multiple layers just to stay warm, especially if you take a tumble. For the skiers that get pretty cold after hours on the hill, consider gifting them some thermal clothes, like the Helly Hansen W Pant or the Scott W Jacket Ultimate DRX. Paired with a warm, good quality ski jacket, and they’ll be so warm they won’t want to go inside for a hot cup of cocoa.

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